When your website is in the process of design and set up, you need to consider what you actually want it to be. What you want it to do. You might love the look of one particular site, and you would like to emulate that. However it might not be suitable to what you need. For example:

Is your site going to be personal? Will you primarily be loading content onto the site that is about a particular hobby or about your interests? Will you be discussing your love for fishing, playing games on partypoker or your favourite recipe? Will it be a blog? If so what features would you like to add that will make it more attractive to the casual browser. If you have a business, what are you selling, or promoting?

In short, what attributes will best suit your needs? What do you want to achieve with your website? Asking yourself these questions will make your choice easier when you go about asking for certain web applications and defining where you want them used.

The first thing a new visitor to your site will see, is the Homepage, so you want the design of this page in particular, to be appealing. This will apply to any type of site: personal, blog or business.

Remember that simple is often more powerful than the wow factor. You might want an elaborate design that will pop out at the user, but more often than not, a simple layout that is well thought through and is not overly complicated, is the best way to draw visitors to your site. For example, a site which appears to have a mass abundance of navigation buttons can appear overwhelming, and while it is good for larger sites like say, MSN, smaller websites don't want to be swamped by over complication.

So choose what you want carefully, know what you want and then go ahead and ask for it.


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