What is CongreNic?
CongreNic is a PHP and MySQL based, self-hosted web application.

CongreNic has a user-friendly interface to give your visitors easy usage. Your visitors won't need your support while "Registering to the Congress", "Making Accomodation" and "Submitting their Abstracts". It is easy to use and clear.

While CongreNic is working for you, your employees will have more time to concentrate to the congress.

CongreNic has eye catching features like; integrated CMS, multi-language support, theme support, backward compability and credit card payment support.

Backward compability is one of the good features of CongreNic. If you are organizing regular congresses for a society, you can pass all information of the previous congresses to the next ones. You don't have to re-configure your congress and your visitors will not have to re-register to the congress. You just send their existing username and passwords with bulk mail option in your control panel. It is easy and fast.

All-in-One Solution Integrated CMS Theme Support
Multi-Language Backward Compability Easy to Use
Credit Card Support PayPal Support Self Hosted
Congress Registrations Hotel Reservations Abstract Submissions



Congress Registration

Hotel Reservation

Panel Home

Content Management System



Credit Card PayPal
Bank Transfer Money Order


English Türkçe


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