DonateNic Amazing Donation Button
DonateNic - Amazing Donation Button
Donatenic is a jQuery plugin that creates a CSS3 donation button for your website. It is easy to place and customize the buttons. Change color, font type, font size and much more to mak the button fitting your webpage design.


ShopNic E-Commerce Software
ShopNic E-Commerce Software
ShopNic is the new trend on shopping system with new features and reliable platform. See the demo now to see the distinguishing features!


CongreNic Conference Management System
CongreNic Conference Management System
CongreNic is an easy and full featured solution for conference management. It is easy to setup and easy to use for panel users and for the participants too.


PopPosts - A simple plugin to show the most popular posts of your blog
PopPosts is a simple wordpress plugin to show the most popular posts of your blog. Now, it has also widget support.


GridNic - A simple jQuery grid plugin
GridNic is a simple jQuery plugin for the people who needs listings on their websites. It supports AJAX, paging, sorting and supported by many output options like Printer, MS Word, MS Excel, Acrobat Reader.



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